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The size of the stadium and prestige of the show meant that even more fans could be accommodated, and the venue was absolutely packed. Oftentimes, a venue will have a great field and stadium, but will force the corps into a less-than-ideal warm up zone. The weeklong series will include competitions, exhibitions, and special events filling the streets of downtown Indianapolis beginning on Wednesday of DCI World Championships Week. This 3 day event features all of the World Class Corps along with the Open Class Corps competing for the chance to move on to the next round and eventually be called the 2011 World Champions. Fans looking for cheap DCI – Drum Corps Videos Corps International tickets can filter the available tickets on our event page to find the seats that fit your price range. One of the most memorable venues I had the chance to perform and spectate at was Pennsylvania’s J. Birney Crum stadium, home of the annual DCI Eastern Classic. What really makes J. Birney Crum the “drum corps mecca” is not the actual stadium, or the warm up zones. If your new to the activity this can be a great way to get introduced to how drum corps has changed over the years.

One really great thing was that at the All Star Race, I got to see 3 Doors Down perform live – for free! However, the seating offers plenty of great vantage points for everyone. Because drum corps are incredibly loud and the hornlines are powerful (something we pride ourselves in), there needs to be a large warm up area with plenty of space for sections of a corps to spread out. In the middle of May, most corps will start move-ins, where the member must fly out to the training facilities and rehearse all day, every day while living with the corps. However, if they see something they like, something truly great, they will reward it with full force and gusto. It must be far away from the actual stadium (so those on field are not disturbed), but close enough so that audience members may come and see the groups warm up. From an audience perspective, many of the corps sounded a little muddy: this was something members had to fight against. The corps hit the road, rehearsing all day and performing at night, running off of very little sleep and little to no free time the entire summer.

Or to have people gather around you in the blistering summer just to hear you perform? I can say it really does gets easier through time, but it gets even easier when you have a core group of people who are willing to stand by you and give you love through all this. We were being evaluated from the very beginning by people who were in our same position as far back as 50 years ago. What really struck me when I performed on this field was how far the field was from the audience. It took a lot of extra effort to project so far up and out, and I feel that because it was so far away, some of the smaller visual details in a lot of shows may have been missed by the audience. May our current crisis also produce a recollection of a country that responds in a manner worthy of our patriotic respect. They know how to see and hear mistakes, and they can see past any gimmicks that may be put on field. However, fans loved it: according to an article on Drum Corps Videos Corps International, Allentown was perfect for fans wanting an inside glimpse; as columnist Michael Boo wrote, “You can smell the diesel fumes and see exactly how the members dine off their food trucks, and you can walk down the street after the shows and thank the members for their energy and performances.

All of the corps currently on location were strung trailer to trailer, bus to bus down the small back street that circled around the stadium. HAH! I told you I’d be back Teal Sound! There were a lot of sound tricks in the venue, due to it being a fortress of concrete. Other considerations are the surface: visual warm ups (marching, stretching, and dance) are performed here; whether or not it is enclosed (this can affect how the corps hears the warm up, and how we tune and listen to each other) and if there is a “vibe” around the place. These Wildcats also played a song performed before by a Kansas drum corps, “Home on the Range,” again played by the Sky Ryders, although they also played “Rawhide” and “Shenandoah,” both part of 27th Lancers repertoire in 1970. Both the drum corps and Western influences are strong with this band. Through the annual DCI Tour and more than 40 World Championships in 17 North American cities, Drum Corps International provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events. Instead, I’d found I went to an entertainment outing” in reference to electronics. As I said earlier, our staff members would always say “J.

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