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In addition to the audit of the presidential race, Raffensperger announced that he’s consolidating runoff elections. A chain-of-custody log should accompany every container, and seal numbers should be confirmed by elections officials at the ballot storage facility. Unlike the post-election 1% manual tally traditionally used to confirm election results in California, under a risk-limiting audit every ballot cast in the election-regardless of which precinct it was cast in-has an equal chance of being audited. He won the most out of state votes, he won the most non-registered votes, he won the most double votes and people out of state, and all of that,” said Kelly Johnson, a retired lawyer from Huntington, California, who traveled to Phoenix to support the audit. “It’s an audit in name only,” says Masterson, a former Department of Homeland Security official who helped lead the federal government’s election security preparations leading up to November’s election. Meanwhile, they’ve completely eschewed normal auditing procedures like, you know, keeping track of how many ballots each table is counting at any given moment, according to Jennifer Morell, a former election official who observed the Maricopa County process last week.

It’s not going to change the election,” former Arizona Gov. The full hand recount of the state’s 5 million presidential votes resulted in a narrowing of Biden’s lead over President Trump in Georgia, but not nearly enough to change the result. Georgia election officials released a report Thursday evening on the results of the hand tally recount of the presidential election, affirming Joe Biden’s lead in the state. Ballot containers (bags, boxes, tubs, etc.) should be properly identified, Election Audit signed, and sealed by at least two elections officials. The county elections official will appoint people to review ballot cards and identify voter choices. If the results represented on the ballots reviewed do not agree with the election results, the audit software will generate a list of additional ballots to review. “That makes it impossible for hand count decisions to be reviewed in real-time. The statewide audit and hand recount of ballots that was requested and granted in the state of Georgia turned out to be nothing but a farce after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rigged it to reproduce the same fraudulent, pro-Biden results. The same principles apply to voting equipment chain-of-custody.

Ballot security and chain-of-custody for ballots is essential for ensuring that the ballots are secure and have not been tampered with. “I think it is certainly a big test for me because I have put a lot of work on it for the last year and a half or so. “I want to state over and over again… The deadline for counties to finish their part of the unprecedented hand-count retallying process passed midnight last night, and the state is expected to announce results as soon as possibly noon today. “This raises serious concerns as to whether the counties properly conducted signature verification and/or other scrutiny of absentee ballots,” the letter explains. “From day one I have encouraged Georgians with concerns about the election in their counties to pursue those claims through legal avenues,” Raffensperger said in a statement Friday. Despite the errors in these four counties, Election Audit officials have said that there are no signs of voter fraud and that the new system is working as intended. Election officials need to adhere to UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) deadlines for sending ballots (November 24, 2020), handle absentee ballot requests from voters, and plan for in-person voting on the day of the runoff election.

Georgia had no problem dragging its feet for days in completing the first fraudulent ballot count. The description of the Cobb County signature match “audit” methodology in the December 29 press release appears to be one of the first times the Secretary of State’s office has referred to “Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots.” Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots allow “remote voters such as military and NGO workers to receive election ballots electronically and later return their marked ballots through the postal system, email or fax,” according to Scytl, the voting technology company. Question 3: How many total boxes of accepted ABM ballots and accepted Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots were there in Cobb County containing the 150,341 absentee ballots received by Cobb County elections officials during the November elections were there in total? That’s when officials do canvassing (balancing voter credit, check-ins, provisional and cured ballots with the total number of ballots tabulated) and any post-election audits. Present all documentation to the canvassing board, prepare detailed minutes of the meeting and forward results to your state election office if required. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) said on Wednesday that election officials will be conducting a “hand recount” of all ballots for the presidential race to be completed by November 18. He has referred to this process as a recount, a recanvass, and an audit, despite all of these being unique acts in election administration.

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