Customized Metal Fabrication & Steel Forming – South El Monte, CA

Our rolling facility can handle supplies from .250″ to 2″ thick, lengths up to 480″ and work to tolerances of ±.005″. We will provide you with forming, notching, Physiotherapy punching, in addition to MIG, TIG, and arc welding by our California-certified and licensed welders. Our experienced employees will work with you to ensure that your specifications are met.

A laser is a gadget that emits light by way of optical amplification by stimulated emission. Laser chopping in sheet metallic trade has several added benefits over every other methodology. Not only this, but laser slicing eliminates even the slimmest probabilities error throughout the process. With the evolution of the production methods, the demand for the excessive-high quality tools and tools has multiplied. Laser cutting companies have develop into an integral a part of any fabrication or manufacturing unit.

Recently, the development of durable hydrophobic surfaces has obtained a lot consideration, with anti-icing applications in harsh environments corresponding to aircrafts, wind turbines, energy lines, and marine vessels. On this paper we describe a design methodology employing a lattice Boltzmann technique to find out the optimal geometry of microstructures to achieve superhydrophobicity. We describe a prime-down fabrication methodology to form superhydrophobic micro-hierarchical steel surface utilizing photolithography, nanoimprinting, and steady metallic-to-metal replication using pulse-reverse-present electrochemical deposition. The surfaces had been formed of nickel, which has a large hardness and is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh exterior circumstances. We compared the measured wettability of fabricated micro-hierarchical steel surface with that from numerical simulations. The contact angle and call angle hysteresis of 4 metallic surfaces had been measured (i.e., a bare surface, a random nanostructured floor, an engineered nanostructured floor, and an engineered hierarchical structured surface), and the anti-icing properties of those four metal surfaces had been investigated.

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