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On Wednesday, May 5th, the Senate’s liaison to the audit, former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a Republican, confirmed that the GOP-led Senate is negotiating with a California nonprofit to conduct a new and separate audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 fall Election Audit votes. Nonetheless, the subtotals used by the Maricopa County Elections Department to tally its 2020 election results are not the same as the subtotals being created by Cyber Ninjas’ hand Election Audit count team. The public will be able to watch auditors go over election discrepancies this week connected to a Windham state representative race. We will be a country run by a Republican Party in league with fascist parties around the world, including Golden Dawn in Greece, Fidesz in Hungary, and the Law and Justice Party in Poland. If a public servant doesn’t address (crazy) concerns, we as a country are just allowing that narrative to fester. Audits are conducted publicly and results made public. This allows those auditors to examine the ballot more fully than if they handled the paper ballots themselves, and also offers more transparency since the public can also see what the auditors are seeing.

Where that leaves the public and partisans is an open question. Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania legislature are coming under growing pressure to conduct a new review of the 2020 Election Audit, as former President Donald Trump and his supporters continue to make false claims that the vote was rife with widespread fraud. In December 2020, twenty-six Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania submitted a resolution seeking to decertify their state’s election results, claiming proof of “substantial irregularities and improprieties associated with mail-in balloting. The statewide risk-limiting audit of the presidential election will confirm the accuracy of ballot-counting machines by comparing the results from a hand count of randomly selected paper ballots to the previously printed results from tabulation machines. 4. The Ballots will be divided into 4 separate sets of ballots. The audit will validate every area of the voting process to ensure the integrity of the vote. For counties that use vote centers, 2% of vote centers or 2 vote centers (whichever is greater). The new Georgia audit is markedly different from the one happening in Maricopa County, AZ, where millions of ballots are being recounted by hand. Maricopa County, Arizona, is one such place. Not Again: Maricopa County, Ariz. For example, after 2020’s Election Day, Maricopa County was required to conduct a hand count of 52 batches of early ballots-which Bennett said was insufficient to attest to the county’s results, where Biden beat Trump by 45,109 votes.

RELATED: I watched the GOP’s Arizona election audit. Franklin County State Rep Rob Kauffman and Adams County State Senator Doug Mastriano were checking out the GOP’s partisan audit of the 2020 election. From the beginning, many were concerned that Cyber Ninjas’ audit would be tainted by the fact that CEO Doug Logan is a “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theorist who authored a document the Kraken herself, Sidney Powell, posted on her website as proof the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. We looked at the website for the USEAC and can find no list of entities who have current accreditations. If they don’t find it they are going to intellectually manufacture it. Just finding out what happened is the cover, as it has been in Arizona, because who doesn’t want to find out what happened, after all? The second process underway Wednesday was a novel process created by a “failed treasure hunter,” as Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office put it in January, who has positioned himself as an adviser to Trump-supporting Republicans. Trump lost Arizona and Georgia by a total of fewer than 23,000 votes.

While speaking before the Georgia elections subcommittee on Wednesday, Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani also pointed to the potential fraud seen in a leaked video of ballot processing at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County – in which observers were allegedly told counting was completed for the night. Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, a Republican by the way, told The Washington Post she is “very concerned” about the ramifications Arizona’s process could have for every state. Pulitzer had pushed unsuccessfully for a statewide audit of Georgia’s election results, even after two recounts by the Republican secretary of state confirmed that Biden won the state. Republicans argue that the measure is necessary to increase transparency in the highly controversial 2020 election, as well as our election system in general. “I think Republicans can count votes on ballots as well as Democrats or Libertarians or independents,” Bennett said. A close contest can be part of an election as it is not uncommon for a handful of votes to determine the outcome of the election. REPORTS THAT VOTES WERE COUNTED OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA aka:OCONUS IS OUT OF SCOPE AND NOT PROVIDED FOR IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. “I’ve never heard of anybody ever having an outside company of any sort come in and do an audit in that manner,” said Marion County Supervisor of Elections Wesley Wilcox.

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Who is Cyber Ninjas and why are they qualified to lead the audit? Cyber Ninjas specializes in threat modeling, or figuring out the ways a system can be attacked and/or compromised, along with how to identify such threats and protect against them. Cyber Ninjas are an application security company, which has allowed a quick understanding of how election system applications work in detail. Well, not exactly. As DePerno explained, it could have been done remotely with the help of one bad player anywhere on the system. But before his May 18 ruling, the judge already allowed DePerno to proceed with an “expert witness” list for testimony to rebut a report by a technology security expert released by the Michigan secretary of state’s office that found issues with an analysis of Antrim County’s Dominion Voting Systems machines that claimed to have found a 68% error rate and argued human error led to early tabulation errors. After the Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit to try to halt the process, lawyers for the state Senate and Cyber Ninjas successfully argued in state court this week that few of the laws that govern elections and recounts should apply to its effort because it is a legislative investigation that will not affect the outcome of a vote.

After objections by news organizations, the state Senate agreed this week to begin allowing one local reporter at a time to attend the recount, positioned in bleachers high above the floor where counting is taking place. Id. Additionally, high school students who are 16 or 17 years old and maintain at least 3.0 grade point average can serve as an election official at the polling place that serves their residence; however, in order for election audit a high school student to serve, at least one election inspector, in addition to the “chief election inspector,” must be a qualified Wisconsin voter. To serve as an election inspector, individuals must be a qualified voter of the county in which the individual seeks to serve. They’re the latest Republicans to make a pilgrimage to Phoenix, ground zero in the “stop the steal” movement’s push to find support for conspiracy theories suggesting the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. The board further laid into private contracting firm Cyber Ninjas, whose CEO has parroted Trump’s lies that the election was stolen.

The Madness of the Maricopa Election Audit,” blared a headline Friday at the National Review. “The election results in Arizona’s largest county have been certified and authenticated multiple times. Republican officials in Maricopa County, which is Arizona’s largest county and the target of the audit, say the auditors have made impossible demands. This entry was posted on Monday, May 17th, 2021 at 9:25 am and is filed under Arizona Politics, Deception, Elections, Harris/Biden, Integrity, Legal issues, Maricopa County, National Politics, Pres. Bottom Line: Arizona welcomes ALL states to adopt this gold-standard audit process to ensure free and fair elections for 2022. Opposition pushback may be an indication of the more questionable areas to investigate. Posted on May 14, 2021, in General and tagged database missing, election audit, Karen Fann, Maricopa audit, President Trump. Election inspectors are, generally, responsible for preserving order within the polling places and facilitating balloting procedure, the maintenance of poll books, and the closing of the polls, among other duties. Polling places in which voting machines are used must have a minimum of five poll workers or “inspectors.” Wis.

People assisting voters still need to sign a document under penalty of perjury that says, in part, “I did not pressure, encourage, coerce, or intimidate the voter into choosing me to provide assistance.” Lawmakers also added more checks on partisan poll watchers than the bill had when debate started. While no evidence of widespread fraud has emerged, Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers say that their inquiries into the matter have turned up flaws in the state’s electoral processes. As Uscinski points out, Trump and his supporters weren’t the only ones who thought fraud was likely in 2020. When Uscinski did polling in October to see how much Americans trusted the upcoming election, he found that 70 percent of Republicans believed there was a conspiracy to rig the election with mail-in ballots. “Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been providing detailed updates from the floor of the state’s pivotal election audit. The margin did not trigger a recount under state election laws, which the state’s GOP-majority legislature had changed to make the margin that triggers a recount narrower in recent years.

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An election audit was ordered three months ago, where Democrats voted against the audit citing that, it would “erode trust in the system.” No forensic audits were completed. It’s becoming more obvious why Democrats went all-out including using the courts to prevent Arizona Republicans from conducting an audit of some 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, the state’s largest that includes Phoenix, in last fall’s presidential election. Fann’s press release notes that members of the Wake Technology Services group participated in hand counts of ballots in Fulton County, Pa., and in New Mexico. PHOENIX (AP) – A government watchdog group is suing the Arizona Senate seeking access to records related to the Senate Republicans’ audit of 2020 Election Audit results in Maricopa County. American Oversight has a court date scheduled for July 7 in a lawsuit against Fann and the State Senate seeking records of contacts with contractors for the partisan audit. Contractors working on the Senate-sponsored partisan audit have told reporters that they are not allowed to speak to the media. An estimated half of all ballots have been counted.

When the recount started, the ballots were viewed under ultraviolet light to check for watermarks. Fann announced on Wednesday that she’d selected four companies to participate in an extensive audit and recount of the election, led by Cyber Ninjas, an Florida-based cybersecurity company. Seven months after the November election, the audit won’t overturn the results of the presidential or U.S. Indeed, Republicans are reportedly hoping to use the Arizona audit as a kind of blueprint for future efforts to re-litigate the 2020 election, not because there was any of the fraud Trump says there was, but because such challenges help them sow doubt in the process going forward. If there are concerning signs of interference, teams of CISA employees stationed in different regions across the country stand ready to deploy to polling places or election offices to help assess what’s going on. I’m crystal clear about what the people of Arizona want to have happen and for five individuals to stand in the way of this audit is reprehensible …

Arizona and Michigan have also begun forensic audits. A highly respected judge has just ruled that the Forensic Audit being done by the Arizona State Senate can and will continue. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury ordered the Senate auditors to produce their training materials and policies before a Monday hearing. Washington-based American Oversight filed the suit in Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday. Finchem said county clerks are now coming forward and admitting something is off with the canvassing and the numbers are just not adding up. Right now, counties are only required by law to audit 2% of ballots cast, or 2,000 ballots, whichever is fewer. Trump won the bell weather counties. There is currently a criminal inquiry in Georgia over Trump’s demand that Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger “find” the exact number of votes in order to declare Trump the winner. DETROIT – A county court in Michigan denied a request to have the Wayne County clerk audit the presidential election results, finding the secretary of state is statutorily responsible for such an audit and has already committed to conducting one. The 2020 Election Audit results have been certified under state law and supported by Maricopa County audits.

His statement comes as further votes in Georgia and Pennsylvania have given Biden a lead but Trump supporters are concerned about potential fraud and illegal ballots. I asked Sen. Mastriano if he wants Pennsylvania to conduct an audit like in Maricopa. Grove’s Senate counterpart in the Republican-controlled Legislature, Sen. Attorney Roopali Desai says in a statement that the Senate can’t get around public records laws by hiring a private firm to perform government functions. WINDHAM – Secretary of State Bill Gardner and Attorney General John Formella said in a joint statement Sunday that the audit of the controversial Windham state representative election will begin Tuesday. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) is receiving security protection from the Arizona Department of Public Safety after she received several death threats during a controversial election audit in Maricopa County. Where did this theory-apparently of major concern for the Arizona auditors-that someone in Asia had sent 40,000 ballots to Maricopa County in order to sway the election for Joe Biden and against Donald Trump come from? But former President Donald Trump has continued to promote the “big lie” that the election was stolen, a position seemingly supported by the state senators undertaking this unnecessary audit.

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An election audit is a review taken after the polls close to see if the votes were counted properly or the correct procedures were followed. Democrats see it as politicking. It is infested with Democrats and traitors. Local officials in states including Michigan and New Hampshire have also pressed for inquiries into the 2020 election results. Another deals with cross-state voting and the information the WEC will receive later this year from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) about potential matches of Wisconsin voters with voters in other states. This trend continues in a clean direct linear line and against all the norms of voting behaviour (i.e., the stronger the precinct has been for the Republican party, the bigger the margin of Trump’s victory – a trend that is obvious in other states not in the fraud firing line). “No, this is not conclusive of Dominion voting systems. Over the past couple of weeks, President Trump has tweeted several times alleging that Dominion Voting Systems played a role in stealing the election from him. Last week in Georgia, a judge granted a group of voters’ request to inspect copies of 147,000 mail-in ballots cast in Fulton County as part of a lawsuit alleging officials accepted thousands of counterfeit votes last year.

The updated totals of those ballots already canvassed and those remaining to be counted be posted on a website and at the municipal clerk’s office at least daily. Sign up for daily news! The Governor is not expected to sign the others if they make it to his desk, particularly if they make voting more difficult. Among the recent legislation introduced through the Wisconsin State Senate, only SB 208 has made it through and been signed by Governor Tony Evers. Several municipalities that used them in southeastern Wisconsin report minor issues if any. One report details almost 300 cases of voter fraud since 2016, including 41 referred to county district attorneys for criminal action, 13 of which are specific to the November 2020 election. At the conclusion of the audit, the auditor will issue a report detailing all findings discovered during the assessment. Add to this insanity the fact that organizers decided to hire a movie director to make a documentary of the sham audit, and picked a man who previously produced a documentary claiming the 9/11 attack was actually part of a conspiracy that involved space aliens.

No evidence has emerged that the audit, led by a firm headed up by a man who was part of the “stop the steal” conspiracy theories about the election, has found any evidence of watermarks. To conduct the audit, Arizona Senate Republicans brought in a private Florida-based company, Cyber Ninjas, whose founder and CEO, Doug Logan, has pushed false claims of fraud in the 2020 election. The Senate Republicans’ audit, led and funded by people who have promoted falsehoods that the Election Audit was stolen from Trump, has become a rallying point nationwide as the “first domino” that could fall in a far-fetched scheme to return Trump to office. “However, I am confident in the process and that the will of the people was recognized. After viewing the process of a real election audit in Arizona, election audit the delegation from Pennsylvania responded. Antrim is one of 47 counties in the state to use Dominion Voting Systems to process ballots. It establishes tamper-evident seal and double-lock requirements for overnight storage of tabulating equipment, memory devices, and absentee ballots.

It also makes it a felony for a person to obtain an absentee ballot completed by a non-family member for purposes of delivering it for them. SB 211 requires a standard absentee ballot application from the WEC to be created, rather than the current law that allows any written request. The bills still pending Senate Votes are SB 205 and SB 206, which are related to absentee voting in residential care facilities and retirement homes and among the indefinitely confined. Although “certain voters at residential care facilities and qualified retirement homes” are excepted. It took seven years and a lawsuit but Habersham County voters are now finally where they belong, according to officials. The Republican-controlled state Senate hired Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based technology company with no known experience in election audits, to oversee the county audit. The company also maintained that the documents are protected by legislative privilege, as it is working on behalf of the state Senate. At the same time, the official broadcaster of the audit is One America News Network, a cable channel whose coverage has been decidedly pro-Trump and is currently being sued over provably false reports it aired (and has since deleted from its website) regarding inaccurate claims that election-technology software company Dominion Voting Systems was involved in “rigging” the 2020 election – stories that contributed to death threats being levied against Dominion executives.

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Fann responded for the group, writing that the audit is ongoing. Applications for such certification shall be in writing and shall show substantially the same information as the initial application for certification of the ballot on demand system. System administrators are people with the highest levels of system access. A breaking discovery during the election audit in Arizona this week has revealed that election boards didn’t have control over their own voting machines and Election Audit that outside Dominion ‘admins’ with sole access to machines had the ability to edit or alter system logs. The Maricopa County Election Board claimed this week they do not have ‘Admin’ access to their county’s voting machines. Additionally, auditors have been split into several groups with some examining mail-in ballots and others inspecting ballot folders, envelopes along with other related items. On Sunday, forensic experts confirmed they are examining thousands of ballots cast in November as part of the audit in the Grand Canyon State.

In his interview with OAN Ken Bennett said Dominion is refusing to comply with the State Senate’s subpoena and is hiding the second password for their machines. They’ve expressed interest in the Arizona audit and replicating this in Pennsylvania,” OAN reporter Christina Bobb said Tuesday. In a statement on Saturday, Trump made a variety of false claims about election fraud in Arizona and lauded OAN as the only network to entertain them. “It would be nice if the papers would report it,” Trump said. “It looks like a lot of that may well be uncovered very shortly,” Rion said. Pennsylvania has reportedly sent a delegation of state legislators to tour Arizona’s election audit facility, in a sign that the state may hold its own audit of the 2020 election. “So there is a delegation of state legislators from Pennsylvania that are arrive in Arizona today. All three Pennsylvania lawmakers signed a letter in December, asking federal representatives to object to certifying Pennsylvania’s Electoral College results.

Today, the auditors announced the results of the hand recount, which closely the matched the recount numbers from the Nov. 12 recount. A hand count of the precincts revealed Trump won with nearly 57% of the vote. Much like a forensic financial audit, where every financial item is not only verified, but the authenticity and paper trail of the item is also determined, so must EACH AND EVERY VOTE in a forensic ballot audit. Some of the 2.1 million ballots cast during the 2020 election, are brought in for recounting at a 2020 election ballot audit ordered by the Republican lead Arizona Senate at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, during a news conference Thursday, April 22, 2021, in Phoenix. UncoverDC previously reported on Wisconsin’s audit of the 2020 election, due to release this fall. It is unlikely that the full results of the race will be known on Tuesday, in part due to the high volume of mail-in votes. A new law in Georgia mandates an audit of any one race after every election. Meanwhile, Trump-era trade advisor Peter Navarro has been looking ahead to a similar audit in Georgia.

The former Trump administration advisor believes election officials let fraud slide through due to collusion between Georgia officials and Democrat Party operatives. A whopping 70% of Detroit’s absentee voting precincts at the TCF Center were out of balance due to unexplained and suspicious discrepancies. As Arizona’s forensic audit runs into massive resistance in the courts and from the Department of Justice, another forensic audit is being requested as a lawsuit hangs in the balance in the State of Michigan. Georgia’s secretary of state has announced that the state will conduct an audit of the 2020 presidential race, recounting by hand the millions of ballots cast in the state. Washington – With Election Day 50 days away, the 2020 election battle is being waged not only on the campaign trail, but also in courtrooms around the country, as efforts to alter voting procedures during the coronavirus pandemic have spawned a barrage of legal challenges and left the presidential campaigns amassing armies of lawyers ready to fight after the ballots are cast.

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In addition to the audit of the presidential race, Raffensperger announced that he’s consolidating runoff elections. A chain-of-custody log should accompany every container, and seal numbers should be confirmed by elections officials at the ballot storage facility. Unlike the post-election 1% manual tally traditionally used to confirm election results in California, under a risk-limiting audit every ballot cast in the election-regardless of which precinct it was cast in-has an equal chance of being audited. He won the most out of state votes, he won the most non-registered votes, he won the most double votes and people out of state, and all of that,” said Kelly Johnson, a retired lawyer from Huntington, California, who traveled to Phoenix to support the audit. “It’s an audit in name only,” says Masterson, a former Department of Homeland Security official who helped lead the federal government’s election security preparations leading up to November’s election. Meanwhile, they’ve completely eschewed normal auditing procedures like, you know, keeping track of how many ballots each table is counting at any given moment, according to Jennifer Morell, a former election official who observed the Maricopa County process last week.

It’s not going to change the election,” former Arizona Gov. The full hand recount of the state’s 5 million presidential votes resulted in a narrowing of Biden’s lead over President Trump in Georgia, but not nearly enough to change the result. Georgia election officials released a report Thursday evening on the results of the hand tally recount of the presidential election, affirming Joe Biden’s lead in the state. Ballot containers (bags, boxes, tubs, etc.) should be properly identified, Election Audit signed, and sealed by at least two elections officials. The county elections official will appoint people to review ballot cards and identify voter choices. If the results represented on the ballots reviewed do not agree with the election results, the audit software will generate a list of additional ballots to review. “That makes it impossible for hand count decisions to be reviewed in real-time. The statewide audit and hand recount of ballots that was requested and granted in the state of Georgia turned out to be nothing but a farce after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger rigged it to reproduce the same fraudulent, pro-Biden results. The same principles apply to voting equipment chain-of-custody.

Ballot security and chain-of-custody for ballots is essential for ensuring that the ballots are secure and have not been tampered with. “I think it is certainly a big test for me because I have put a lot of work on it for the last year and a half or so. “I want to state over and over again… The deadline for counties to finish their part of the unprecedented hand-count retallying process passed midnight last night, and the state is expected to announce results as soon as possibly noon today. “This raises serious concerns as to whether the counties properly conducted signature verification and/or other scrutiny of absentee ballots,” the letter explains. “From day one I have encouraged Georgians with concerns about the election in their counties to pursue those claims through legal avenues,” Raffensperger said in a statement Friday. Despite the errors in these four counties, Election Audit officials have said that there are no signs of voter fraud and that the new system is working as intended. Election officials need to adhere to UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) deadlines for sending ballots (November 24, 2020), handle absentee ballot requests from voters, and plan for in-person voting on the day of the runoff election.

Georgia had no problem dragging its feet for days in completing the first fraudulent ballot count. The description of the Cobb County signature match “audit” methodology in the December 29 press release appears to be one of the first times the Secretary of State’s office has referred to “Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots.” Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots allow “remote voters such as military and NGO workers to receive election ballots electronically and later return their marked ballots through the postal system, email or fax,” according to Scytl, the voting technology company. Question 3: How many total boxes of accepted ABM ballots and accepted Electronic Ballot Delivery ABM ballots were there in Cobb County containing the 150,341 absentee ballots received by Cobb County elections officials during the November elections were there in total? That’s when officials do canvassing (balancing voter credit, check-ins, provisional and cured ballots with the total number of ballots tabulated) and any post-election audits. Present all documentation to the canvassing board, prepare detailed minutes of the meeting and forward results to your state election office if required. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) said on Wednesday that election officials will be conducting a “hand recount” of all ballots for the presidential race to be completed by November 18. He has referred to this process as a recount, a recanvass, and an audit, despite all of these being unique acts in election administration.


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